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Liebster Award
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Monday, December 3, 2012


So- tonight we went to IHOP- I was craving the grilled pot roast sandwich, with 2 cheeses.  It's divine.

Peyton was acting nutty, dragging her hands through the whipped cream, syrup, and yogurt. She was not listening or had a come back to each thing I said.

Perhaps, I may have been a bit stern: but NOT to haven't warranted the following note that the waitress gave to me, from the 2 ladies that were seated at the table next to us.

  It read-

"You have such a beautiful lil child and it breaks my heart that you speak to her so coldly.  She is a child (underlined several times) and a gift from God" signed- God Bless You".

Of course, this broke my heart- brought me to tears, actually.

Then- i thought- this person has no idea about me or my child.  Fuck her.

So, here I sit, wondering if she's right, knowing that I can have a sharp tongue (never cussing), but I am quite stern.  I am raising a respectful daughter, not an animal.

I shared it with my husband, who shook his head and ripped it up while stating, "did she have kids with her", I said, "No"- he said, "well then she has no idea what it takes".

Just wanted to share.

Thanks for listening.


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