Liebster Award

Liebster Award
I am excited to have received the Liebster Blog Award thanks to the support of a wonderful soul and excellent writer of Pullmyfunnybone Blog.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Blog Award- LIEBSTER

I have been nominated for the prestigious blog award named, LIEBSTER.  Please copy the LIEBSTER award picture and paste to your page!

Below are my answers to the questions from the infamous, Gwen, author of and I will also ask 11 questions of my own for the other award recipients to answer!  Have Fun!
Accepting the award also involves answering a series of questions so here you go- These questions-brought to you by Gwen-a-licious....
1.  Have you ever been caught in a lie? probably
2.  If you had superhuman powers, which power would you have? the ability to heal
3.  If your significant other gave you a "free pass" - who would be yours?  Jack White
4.  What is your biggest phobia?  Spiders & Roaches
5.  What is the longest you've gone without taking a bath or shower? a week, but i was swimming in a river daily, so it's not like i wasn't submerged in water.
6.  What flaw is enough to make you end a relationship? back-stabbing
7.  Do you have any tattoo's? No
8.  Have you ever looked in someone's medicine cabinet? Of course, doesn't everyone?
9.  Do you pee in the shower? of course, I've even pooped, when absolutely necessary
10. How often do you ignore calls on your cell phone? rarely
11. What's the favorite part of your body? my eyes

 Aubree, author of has chosen the questions below, of which I have answered.

1.) Do you consider yourself to be super-duper fly?  just super-fly, not super-duper
2.) What is your favorite reality show?  i don't watch them, but I do enjoy re-runs of Project Runway & America's Next Top Model!
3.) Do you fear that the Apocalypse or Armageddon will occur in your lifetime? I feel we are on the brink of something.  Nuclear- i hope not, war-Yes and beginning of a global consciousness- God, I hope so.
4.) What is one of your top three favorite quotes of all time?  "It will all find its way, in time"
5.) Who is your Favorite writer?  James Redfield & Maya Angelou
6.) Can you recite any movie in its entirety, and if so, which one?Yes, Grease 1 & 2, and Friday.
7.) What one person has most influenced your life thus far? Tori Amos
8.) What is your favorite childhood memory?  can't remember much, maybe playing softball in Chicago during the summer.
9.) Why do you blog?  to share my thoughts with others.
10.) What is the most terrifying thing to ever happen to you?  thinking that my subconscious could come to a reality at a moment's notice or that it already happened and i am getting snippets of reality.
And finally, number 11) Do you wipe front to back or back to front?when i poop, front to back, when i pee, i pat.

Questions answered!  Per the rules of accepting the Liebster Award, I have come up with eleven more questions of my own to ask the eleven other righteous blogs that I nominate and promote for all earthlings to view. My questions are below"

1.  Have you had conversations with the non-living?
2.  What are your must haves with you, at all times?
3.  How many friends do you consider "true" friends and why?
4. What is your favorite food and beverage?
5. Who is your favorite musical influence?
6.  What's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you?
7.  What is your favorite time of the year?
8.  What do you collect?
9.  What musical instrument would you like to learn?
10. If you had to choose between being blind or deaf, which would you choose?
11. What do you quote, on a regular basis?

Now, to nominate fellow blogarians~

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