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Liebster Award
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Beyond Intuition

I challenge anyone to tell me we haven’t already been here. Even if you tried to convince me otherwise, I couldn’t believe you. I know better. Do you really believe there is such an idea of coincidence or are you more aligned with the thought of Déjà Vu, as it suggests in “The Matrix?” I truly believe some of us are vibrating on different frequencies and that there are a lot less people in the world capable enough to tap in and see it for themselves.

A few years ago, when my daughter was 2-ish, she sat down between my husband and me and put her arms around our shoulders. She looked at each of us and said, “I remember you guys.” My husband and I looked at each other, with a slight tear in our eyes and at that moment we knew she was truly a gift from God. We asked her what she meant, but she didn’t elaborate and we didn’t want to press her for information, as to be suggestive. We were stunned that our daughter affirmed what we already knew!

Last year, Peyton and I went to a folk art festival. She walked up to this lady and her five month old baby and said, “Hi, my name is Peyton….How is your sister?” The lady looked at me puzzled, so I said, “she senses things.” She began to tear up and said, “my sister is stuck in South America and we’re trying to help her get back into the United States.” It was bizarre, but very cool to observe.

Last night, I was out with the girls, so Peyton and daddy decided to make a campfire outside.  He pitched a tent, lit a fire, and began to tell stories.  At 11:11, he texted me, “ I told her she never knew my dad,” and she said, “I remember Chuck.” BT’s dad passed away in 1998. Peyton was born nine years later.

Now, I'm not sure what springs to your mind when you hear mystical tidbits of your past, but we are fascinated by this little creature’s ability to spontaneously hit the proverbial nail on the head about our family and others’ lives.

Call it what you will, but I believe it goes beyond intuition. We're here to remember.



Aubree said...

Best post yet. Love it. I hope p-funk doesn't forget what she knows as the distractions grow around her.

Anonymous said...

I defintely think kids are way more in tune with this ... until our stupid world beats them down.

happynik said...

I believe that children are definitely more in tune to our whole human connectedness. We as adults begin the building of our selves, only to begin to realize later that our differences are only on the surface. I believe that we are all in tuned and part of the same consciousness. We all have the ability to tap into anything in the universe if we can pay attention. It goes way beyond intuition, it's recognition. Love this thought provoking post.

gwen said...

I've had friends who have kids who have said all sorts of cool shit. One friend's nephew who was like three said, "When I was an old man I lived in North Carolina." He had never been to NC or perhaps even heard of it. I totally believe in this stuff. I've had some flashbacks of my own past lives but nothing as detailed as what some of these kids have said. Unfortunately, these friends have always been not the spiritual type and were just like, "weird." I'd ask a bunch of questions casually like, "Oh what was your name then?" "Did you have a job?" I've asked some kids where they were before they were born but none have ever given me a cool answer. One 5 yr old said, "that is such a good question." That cracked me up.