Liebster Award

Liebster Award
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Two-Take Exchange: Take Two

Hello to you!  Once again, I, Aubree - fellow blogger and good friend of Jenn, am slinking out of The Basement to do my part in our second blog swap by sharing my "take" on the below image with Jenn's readers, just as Jenn, herself, has taken a break from "embracing her crazy" (ha! as IF) to write her words, as inspired by the same image, on the walls of my Basement.  <---click here to view Jenn's "take."  This is our second "swap" thus far, and I am exceedingly proud of both she and I for our dedication.  I mean, seriously: we could've just jumped ship after the first one, but alas...we are warrior princesses that do not give up so easily! 

I hope you enjoy our two takes (this time, completely different - one from the other - as opposed to the parallel thinking that ensued within last week's "exchange").  Happy reading!

I perceive life...within death.

I died.  And never looked back.  Not much to see, in the end.

I rose above the deafening cacophony that was life…and walked away. 

I walked away.  It was easy.

By and by, the joke is on you, my friends…if you still believe in the boatman.

As it is, ‘tis how it must be.  So, I laugh...

Souls perch like ravens, trying to decide who and what is ominous among them.  Keeping score, even in death.  Fools.

Angels speak only to the living, because the living are the only ones desperate enough not to listen.

I died; I chose a direction.  So will you.

I am not the raven; I am not the water.  I am the boatman, ferrying my own clandestine(y) and collecting my own dues.

And by and by, the joke is on you, my friends…if you still believe in the boatman.


Anonymous said...

oooooh ,that kinda gave me the willies ... but in a good goose bumps way. "e"

Aubree said...

I know exactly what you mean. ;)

Gwen said...

beautiful!!! Just beautiful.